Interior Projects

Interiors are an integral part of a building, and something that every person that we work with has an understanding and appreciation of at some level.  At Trapp Architects, we conceive the interiors as part of the same entity that drives a building’s outwards appearance, and ultimately, the spaces created must be about the people that will occupy them.

The way that we live, work and play has and will continue to evolve, and fittingly, the workplace of even 10 years ago is not the same as today’s.  We follow, investigate and test emerging workplace design trends and norms to ensure that the spaces that we create are fresh and forward thinking but still retain a grounded basis that engaged with users to support them in their day to day activity.  Not every workplace evolution will suit every client group, so there is no “one size fits all” solution. 

By working collaboratively to create the right environment, we strive to ensure all of our clients can achieve the best both for and from their people.


Integrapay Office

Eight Mile Plains, Brisbane, Qld


UCG Office

Eight Mile Plains, Brisbane, Qld


Mitchell Media Office

Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Qld


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